​​​Facial is a very general term for skin treatments performed by a licensed aesthetician. As the name implies, it is skin treatment for the face, but could involve some neck or shoulder massage too. There are various types of facials, different types of products used, and there can be some variation in length. The typical extensive facial generally lasts about an hour and other treatments called “mini-facials” will take less time.

The basic goals of facials are the same regardless of treatment, and you can expect the following things to occur when you have one:

The skin will be thoroughly cleansed and dead skin cells will be exfoliated.
The aesthetician will evaluate your skin type and find treatments that will best tone and moisturizer your type.
You may have extraction of blackheads.
You will likely have a skin mask treatment. You may have some degree of facial massage with applications of various creams and moisturizers.

Many people believe that when they are young they don’t have to take care of their skin. But how you take care of your skin now will significantly have an effect on you in later life. Just like with your teeth, you must care for your skin.  Seeing a professional while enjoying a relaxing experience is the best gift you can give yourself or someone dear to you.​​
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When Style Counts 
Above is a sample Repechage relaxation facial. Several Clients have said it feels as if she is dancing across their skin. "It feels like ballet." "The best and most unique facial I've ever received."
Bring your favorite music on your Iphone or Ipod and receive a personalized massage choreographed specifically to your music during your facial! Dianne has a background in both dance and music; she danced many years and plays flute. She has a genuine understanding of timing and choreography.

Massage during a facial.  Facials have been known to help clear sinuses in some, as well as, improve your skin and relax your mind, body and soul.  Massage is relaxing, rejuvenating, and stimulates blood flow, keeping skin and cells healthy.  
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